Fixed prosthesis – All on 6 Implants

fixed prothesis on 6 bio implants

It is possible to reconstruct the jaws with the All on 6 method . This includes the placement of 6 implants in the bone and a fixed denture with 12 or 14 teeth. The implant method All on 6 guarantees greater stability than fixed dentures because it has a larger number of implants.

Implantology All on 6: how the procedure is performed

After a detailed examination and analysis of radiological images, the procedure is performed under anesthesia or conscious sedation. During the operation, a fixed denture is installed, with 6 implants attached to the bone of the edentulous jaw. After a period of integration, we continue to install a fixed prosthesis, called a Toronto Bridge, tailored to the patient.

This technique allows the patient to get completely new teeth in a short time, with perfect chewing function and natural aesthetics.

toronto bridgeall on dental implants 6

Advantages of the All on Six method

  • Non-invasive surgery;
  • No discomfort after surgery;
  • Quick and short procedure (optimal for elderly patients or patients with health problems);
  • Application possible even if the patient has little bone;
  • It is not necessary to use additional adhesives to attach the prosthesis;
  • Excellent aesthetic results.

Toronto Bridge

A fixed denture that envies implants according to the All on 4 or All on Six technique is called the Toronto Bridge . From an economic point of view, it is an ideal solution for patients with edentulous jaws who are used to wearing removable dentures.
differences all to 4 and all to 6

Traditional implantology involves replacing each tooth with an implant and a crown. On the other hand, the All on Four and All on Six methods require a single fixed denture placed on four or six implants, guaranteeing the same masticatory function.

By definitively fixing the Toronto Bridge to the implants, any possibility of moving the denture during chewing is ruled out.

The creation of this prosthesis is made on the basis of a precise impression taken after the implant was inserted into the bone of the upper and / or lower jaw 4 to 6 months after the procedure.

Toronto Bridge is equipped with a false gingiva, whose function is exclusively aesthetic. The end result of the Toronto Bridge is a fixed denture in composite or acrylate, although it can also be made of ceramic on request.

Post-intervention maintenance All on 6

In order to ensure the durability of the implants and the Toronto Bridge , after the All on 6 implant procedure, it is necessary to continue with good eating habits, but also good oral hygiene. Hygienic sessions and periodic checks at the dentist are the rule for thorough control of parts of prostheses and implants, and are a guarantee for their preservation. The patient normally continues daily cleaning of the new fixed bridge with the help of a water jet apparatus. Once a year, you should go to your dentist to have the implants examined and the Toronto Bridge removed (possibly only in the dental office) for a more thorough cleaning.

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