• Dental orthodontics

    Dental orthodontics

    Any kind of orthodontic treatment!

    How do I figure out that I need to consult an orthodontist?
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    Crooked or crowded teeth:
    When the available space in the teeth arch is not enough for all the teeth, they can be aligned wrongly or may grow in unconventional directions.
    Superposition or subposition:
    This is a notion used to describe a situation when the lower teeth are excessively superimposed by the upper teeth, or vice versa.
    Aesthetic problems:
    Although not all orthodontic problems are only of aesthetic nature, many patients still want to improve their appearance.
    Night respiration problems (night apnoea):
    Certain orthodontic problems may lead to difficulties in correct respiration, all the more so, when sleeping.

    Orthodontic brace treatment

    Orthodontic brace treatment is one of the most common and efficient ways to correct the teeth line. Braces are connected with an arch wire that exerts pressure on the teeth in order to place them into a right position.

    This kind of treatment provides more control over teeth movements and is used in a majority of cases, from malocclusion correction to settlement of the teeth crowding problems.

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    Orthodontic treatment with the help of aligners

    Orthodontic treatment with aligners uses personalised sets of transparent trays to correct the teeth alignment.

    Aligners are detachable, comfortable and almost invisible. They exert gradual pressure in order to place the teeth in a right position, and are digitally monitored in order to ensure the treatment progresses. The duration of such treatment may vary depending on the cases, while the thorough oral cavity hygiene and subsequent use of retention devices are essential for long-lasting results.

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    How much does the orthodontic treatment last?
    The treatment duration depends on the case complexity but, in average, it may last from 12 to 24 months.
    What are treatment options that are available for me?
    There are several options, including fixed dental devices, invisible dental apparatuses and even orthodontic treatments with transparent aligners.
    How can I make sure that I will take due care of orthodontic devices?
    It is important to follow the orthodontist’s recommendations concerning the oral cavity hygiene and to avoid solid or sticking foods that can damage the devices.
    Are such orthodontic procedures painful?
    There may be initial discomfort and sensitivity, but it will fade away, in the course of time. Usual analgesics may help you.