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    Our experts in dental surgery provide advanced solutions for such interventions as complex extractions, dental implants and maxillary-facial surgical procedures, thus guaranteeing a safe and comfortable experience for your oral cavity health.

    When do you need to consult a dental surgeon?
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    Complicated extractions:
    Extraction of molars, inclusively of retained wisdom teeth or fractured teeth that need to be extracted surgically.
    Dental implants:
    If the missing teeth are to be replaced with dental implants, there is a need for surgical intervention, in order to anchor the implants in the osseous tissue of the maxilla.
    Periodontal surgery:
    For treating certain progressing periodontal diseases, such as deep gingival pockets or tissue regeneration procedures.
    Total rehabilitation:
    If you lost all your teeth, if you have periodontal diseases, and so on.

    Dental implant: A long-lasting solution for your smile

    A dental implant is an advanced and long-lasting solution for replacing missing teeth. It is made of a small titanium post that is anchored in the maxillary bone and becomes a stable anchor for the dental crown.

    The implants provide stability, which is similar to the natural teeth, and prevent bone deterioration. This procedure is made, using local anaesthesia, while the results are outstanding, providing a natural smile and full functionality. If you take proper care of them, dental implants may last for the whole life, and this makes them a preferable option for restoring a healthy and attractive smile.

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    Bone augmentation and sinus lifting

    Bone augmentation and sinus lifting are advanced surgical interventions that are aimed to restore the structure of the maxillary bone, in order to prepare it for dental implants.

    Bone augmentation implies adding the osseous material to the deficient areas, thus strengthening the support for future implants. Sinus lifting is a specific procedure when the sinus membrane is raised, thus allowing to add osseous tissue thereunder, in order to create the space for implants in the area behind the upper maxilla.

    Such techniques, which are made with precision and experience, open new possibilities for those patients, who earlier had bone insufficiency for dental implants.

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    Total rehabilitation / ‘All on 4/6/8’ technique

    Total rehabilitation is a comprehensive approach to restoration of oral cavity health and aesthetics. This implies full reconstruction of the teeth and associated structures, restoring the functionality and natural aspect of your smile.

    Due to use of advanced technologies and high-quality materials, the total rehabilitation may comprise such procedures as dental implants, dental bridges, prostheses and surgical interventions to correct the complex problems. 

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    Plasma therapy

    Plasma therapy in dental surgery presupposes the use of the plasma that is rich in thrombocytes, from the patient’s own blood, in order to speed up the process of healing in dental surgical interventions.

    This minimally invasive technique implies taking a small quantity of blood, its processing and thereafter, concentrated plasma administration into the affected area. Activated thrombocytes stimulate the tissue regeneration and reduce inflammation, thus speeding up the healing process.

    Plasma therapy is an innovative technology that contributes to quick recovery and improvement of the post-operatory results in dental surgery.

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    Our patients’ satisfaction is the measure of our success!

    We, at Iceberg Dent, are firmly determined to exceed your expectations and to provide you with high-quality dental services, friendly atmosphere and a devoted team that is aimed to created healthy and pretty smiles for any and all patients.

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    What are advantages of dental implants, if compared to other options for replacement of the missing teeth?
    Dental implants provide a stable, long-lasting and natural solution for replacement of the missing teeth. They prevent bone deterioration and provide an aesthetic aspect that is very close to the natural teeth.
    Is surgical intervention for implants painful?
    The intervention is made with the use of local anaesthesia, so that the patient will not feel the pain in the course of these procedures. Post-operational discomfort may be remedied with the help of medical preparations.
    How much does the full dental implantation process last, from surgical intervention to getting an artificial tooth?
    This process may last from several months to a year, depending on the case complexity and the time that is required for the osseous tissue to get consolidated around the implant.
    What are the risks as associated with the dental implantation procedure?
    The risks are minimal, however, they may include infections, bleeding or potential osseous tissue incompliance. It is very important to choose an experienced professional and to strictly follow the post-operational recommendations in order to minimise such risks.