• Aesthetic dentistry

    Aesthetic dentistry

    The experts in aesthetic dentistry from Iceberg Dent Clinic will provide you with personalised solutions in order to transform your smile in that one, which you always dreamt of. Our experts also will ensure the safe and comfortable experience for your teeth aesthetics.

    When do I need to consult a dental aesthetician?
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    Decoloured or stained teeth:
    Explanation: If you have decoloured, stained teeth or teeth with inaesthetic stains, a dental aesthetician can recommend such treatment as teeth whitening or cosmetical procedures in order to provide your smile with a natural shine.
    Aesthetic problems with the smile:
    Explanation: If you need to improve your smile, from the aesthetic point of view, for instance, to correct teeth alignment, to replace the missing teeth or to carry on other dental cosmetology procedures, then consulting a dental aesthetician can help you to get a more attractive and harmonious smile.
    Face aspect improvement:
    Explanation: The dental aestheticians may provide such treatment as facial rejuvenation with fillers and botulin toxins, in order to improve the overall harmony of your face as correlated to your smile.
    Restoration of damaged or missing teeth:
    Explanation: If you have damaged or missing teeth, a dental aesthetician can recommend such options as dental crowns, bridges or dental implants, in order to restore the functionality and aesthetics of your smile.

    Dental veneers

    Dental veneers are an innovative solution in the sphere of dental aesthetics, they give the possibility to get a perfect and shining smile in a relatively short period of time.

    These ultrathin veneers are made of high-quality ceramics or composite resin, and are applied onto the teeth surface in order to correct defects and to improve the aesthetic aspect.

    his quick and comfortable procedure will provide you with a shining and natural smile. Find out how the dental veneers may redefine the prettiness of your smile.

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    Teeth whitening

    Teeth whitening is a perfect solution for getting whiter and more shining teeth in a short time and without discomfort.

    Using the up-to-date technologies, we can remove stains and decolouration that are caused by consumption of coffee, tobacco and other pigmenting substances.

    This procedure is safe, efficient and provides visible results even at the first visit. Make your first step to a shining smile: schedule a visit for the teeth whitening right today!

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    Our patients’ satisfaction is the measure of our success!

    We, at Iceberg Dent, are firmly determined to exceed your expectations and to provide you with high-quality dental services, friendly atmosphere and a devoted team that is aimed to created healthy and pretty smiles for any and all patients.

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    What is aesthetic dentistry and what does it comprise?
    Aesthetic dentistry is focused on improving the aesthetic aspect of smiles. This includes a wide range of such procedures, as teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental implants and many others, which are aimed to get a pretty and harmonious smile.
    What are the options for replacing the missing teeth in aesthetic dentistry?
    There are several options, such as dental bridges, dental implants and aesthetic dental prostheses. An aesthetic dentist will assess your case and will recommend the best solution.
    How much does the aesthetic dentistry procedures last?
    The duration of the procedures varies depending on the kind of intervention. For instance, teeth whitening can last for an hour, while more complex procedures, such as dental implants, may require many visits.
    What are main advantages of aesthetic dentistry?
    Aesthetic dentistry gives a possibility to the patients to get a pretty and healthy smile, but this can improve the self-confidence and life quality. Besides this, such procedures may correct defects and may prevent dental problems in the future.