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    We restore your smile and functionality, using the personalised solutions of dental prosthetics, which are created for providing the comfort and confidence day by day.

    When does one need to consult a dental prosthesist?
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    Missing teeth:
    If the teeth are missing, there is used either a dental implant, or a dental crown.
    Aesthetic aspect:
    Aiming to get more aesthetic aspect of the teeth, there are often used dental crowns, restorations or dental veneers.
    Crowns on the implants:
    The final part of a dental implant is a dental crown on the implant.
    Fixed prosthesis:
    When the total rehabilitation is made and the dental implants are anchored, there is fixed a dental prosthesis on the implants that looks exactly like as natural teeth.

    Dental crowns

    Dental crowns are an advanced and personalised solution for restoration of those teeth, which are affected by deep caries, fractures or other problems.

    These fixed dental restorations, which are made of such strong materials as ceramics or zirconia, fully cover the visible tooth part, thus providing a solid protection and natural aspect. The crowns restore not only functionality, but also aesthetics of the smile, giving back the confidence and comfort to the patients every day.

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    Fixed prosthesis on the implants

    A fixed prosthesis on the implants is a revolutionary option in the present-day dentistry. It provides the patients with a stable and natural solution for replacing the missing teeth.

    This innovative technology implies the implantation of solid artificial roots that are integrated into the maxillary mandibular osseous tissue. A fixed personalised prosthesis is mounted on such roots that provide the functionality and aesthetics of a healthy smile.

    Consult us to find out how this innovative technology may improve the quality of your smile and life.

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    Our patients’ satisfaction is the measure of our success!

    We, at Iceberg Dent, are firmly determined to exceed your expectations and to provide you with high-quality dental services, friendly atmosphere and a devoted team that is aimed to created healthy and pretty smiles for any and all patients.

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    Eugen Stanciu

    Absolutely fantastic service! Received his name via a recommendation of a friend of mine. I had an emergency and Mr. Gregory Lozovanu accepted to book an appointment for the next day! He made the investigation and within a few hours the problem has been sorted out. Never thought it could be so easy and painless. Would recommend Mr.Gregory to anyone! As a bonus, he is very empathic and with a fine sense of humour. 5 stars by far!

    Alina Spatari

    Am rămas foarte mulțumită de această clinica și în special as dori sa mulțumesc Dr. Lazari Vadim pentru profesionalism, amabilitate și grija! Procedurile au fost fără un pic de durere , rapid și foarte calitativ! Recomand cu mare încredere, este un medic cu mâinile de aur. Mulțumesc enorm!


    Хочу отметить мастерство и поблагодарить специалиста Pascariuc Svetlana. Три раза наращивал один и тот-же передний зуб в разных клиниках, но он всегда отваливался. Сейчас уже третий месяц все на месте. Наконец-то сделали как надо!!! Я доволен.

    Яна Гернич

    Прекрасная клиника с профессионалами своего дела) Чистота, приятная атмосфера, качественная работа. Благодарю в частности Надежду за ее позитив , постоянную улыбку и сверх заботу о клиентах👌

    What kind of dental prostheses would be good for me?
    Choosing the kind of prosthesis depends on the specific situation of each patient. A dentist will assess your case and will recommend the best option: either total or partial prostheses, or fixed prostheses on the implants.
    How comfortable will be the prosthesis and how much will it last until I get accustomed to it?
    Initially, a prosthesis may require a time for adaptation. Nevertheless, when you get accustomed, the prosthesis will be comfortable and will allow the mouth to function normally.
    How the dental prostheses are kept and cleaned?
    Dental prostheses need a regular hygiene. They must be washed and cleaned with special products for prostheses, while the oral cavity hygiene and the hygiene of other part of the mouth must be carried on as usually.
    Will the difference between the prostheses and my natural teeth be visible?
    A dentist will work to make sure that the prostheses fit and match perfectly the natural teeth, so that the prostheses will look as naturally as possible.